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I Need Career Counseling

I Need Career Counseling

I am not a fresh grad. I graduated 3 years from now but still I don’t have a steady job. It is not that I am dumb or anything. I am pretty much decent. I graduated business administration from a university. That is a decent credential, but I can’t still have a break. I tried bringing my resume and applied to well-known companies, but I still get cut off. Well maybe you will say, “Well, try harder”. I did that also I have submitted my resume to countless companies already but still I get no bite.

I am broke and I need to get a job fast. So, what I did was applied to meager jobs. I applied for a waiter a nearby eatery. You can’t blame me, I need money. It is just frustrating though because I have spent too much effort to get my ass off to get a university degree and ended up doing restaurant work. It is degrading you know. I feel like I am so small.

I need help, I knew I needed one. I want to gain my confidence back and man up to companies that I will apply for a job.

Then I heard from a friend that there is a thing called career counseling and I can get help here. Well at this point of my life I am willing to try anything just to have a job. With my friend’s help I asked him to book me a counseling session with the counselor he told me about.

Moment of Truth

Finally secured a session with company called Meister Counseling with this website Their office was accommodating, and it feels warm. I was received by the attendant with all smiles.

Michael the counselor there was very professional. He helped me open-up and it was easy to explain myself about what is happening to me. The first session was great I was able to find my strengths. I was very optimistic that with renewed confidence, I will find the right company for me soon.